Undiscover is a social platform for travelers.

Undiscover allows you to showcase your travel goals and experiences by creating a virtual roadmap. We help you connect with like-minded travelers and locals to create extraordinary experiences.

Undiscover will give you the opportunity to share culture and make money by helping verified travelers sell itineraries, guided tours, and travel photography services.

Showcase your travel goals and experiences

Drop pins to create your very own virtual roadmap.

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    Places I want to go
  • Discovered
    Places I have been
  • Hidden Gem
    Amazing spots off the beaten path

Get insider tips from locals and travelers

Avoid tourist traps and create authentic and genuine travel experiences instead.

  • Browse the most recent adventures posted by fellow travelers.
  • Quick-snap a photo to pin it to your map and share your feats(toes and all).
  • Seek advice from locals and travelers just like you.

Build your brand and make money

Travel your way up the ranks to show off your local savvy and build a brand that puts money in your pocket.

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  • Local Scout
  • Globetrotter
  • Undiscover Hero

What if you don't have internet?

In case you are out in the middle of the desert, jungle, ocean, or even just trying to avoid roaming charges while abroad, Undiscover allows you to store your current location and photos as you are out and about. Once connected to the internet, pin it to a known place for all your friends to see!

If you happen upon a hidden gem that does not yet exist on our system, feel free to create one to share (or hide) your rare find!


The travel industry is ripe for disruption!

We are on the search for the next generation of like-minded individuals and companies who share our values and passion for travel and (un)discovery. Undiscover is ready to shake things up and we want you to be part of it. Join our growing partnership network as a sponsor, ambassador, or influencer.

Our network of photographers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle influencers have a reach of over seven million followers. As a partner you will have the opportunity to connect with new audiences and tap into a fresh market, increasing your brand exposure and paving the way for growth.

Join us and today and let’s Undiscover the future of travel together!

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Glenn Morello

# of Countries Visited: 43
Instagram: @glenn_morello

"Part time chemist, full time traveler...or is it the other way around? Either way, I always want to see more."

Marcel Boehm

# of Countries Visited: 33
Instagram: @marcel.bhm

"After traveling to 33 countries, I’ve learned valuable lessons, experienced awesome adventures and developed new skills. Photography is one of those skills and finding those hidden treasures to capture is striving me into exploring more."

Meet the Team

Mujtaba Siddiqui


Jess DiPasqua


Konrad Paruch

Marketing Director

Cara & Steph Bono

Lead Designers

Ryan Riel

Public Relations Director



"Undiscover is awesome because it helps the people that want to look behind the curtain so to speak, to explore this planet in an unprecedented and fun way. Undiscover is like that local dude that shows you around, except that it's an app and helps you to find only the things you're really interested in seeing..."


"Travel and the internet has brought the world to our doorsteps, and Undiscover is making global experiences more local. Now you’ll be able to enjoy a city not just as a tourist, but in the way it is meant to be, the way the locals do!!"


"For the explorers, Undiscover is the perfect app to get off the main trail and find the hidden beauty across the world. I love how it connects places and user experiences. Undiscover makes it fun to plan a trip and discover what you want to add to your itinerary in advance...or on the fly!"


"I never wanted to be a mass tourist but always called myself a traveler, as I prefer lonely roads, hidden gems, and couch surfing. Undiscover is exactly that: not just an app but a completely new feeling while traveling the world!"


"Undiscover is a great new app that helps travelers get off the beaten path and explore hidden gems. I'm excited to see where Undiscover will allow me to discover."


"When I travel I like to immerse in the local off-the-beaten-path places. I like to experience the local life and not be an alien. Undiscover allows me to find those places and also keeps me responsible and environmentally-friendly while doing so."

Our Pledge To Give back:

To never let a child go to sleep hungry and help provide clean water to the world.

10% of our profits will go towards the following charities in perpetuity.

For the People.
For the Experience.

For the love of travel.